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- Insurances
For a weak performing doughter company of a listed bancassurance player, Navius drew up a new strategic plan. The adapted strategy included a new channel strategy, a different approach towards corporate clients and a repositioning of the Life activities. The new strategy was translated into a business plan containing very specific milestones for every business unit. The company was able to meet its targets and the financial plan turned out to be a powerful instrument in predicting the company’s results.

- Food
For a food company in a shrinking market, the potential of different product market combinations was analyzed. The insights delivered by Navius led to a new business plan with an adapted pricing strategy and more focus on alternative distribution channels.  The adapted business plan implied a new prioritisation for the investment programs and the divestment of some useless real estate.

- Media
Navius assisted one of the most important media companies in the Benelux in defining the strategic highlights for the next five years. Navius was able to create new insights for top management and board.

- Utilities – water company
For a water company, Navius coordinated the development of a new strategic plan at the request of the company’s Board of Directors. This plan provided for fundamental changes at a strategic level (price policy, M&A, development of new activities) and at an operational level (HR policy and financial reporting). Today the company is recognized as leading in its sector.

- Industry – machinery
For a international player in the machinery equipment business, Navius assisted in defining a more focussed strategy. Navius also set up a new reporting system generating better insights in the financial contribution of alternative product market combinations. This approach showed immediate results in various fields and had a lasting impact on the financial performance of the company.

- Telecom
Navius drew up the business plan for the development of a horizontal portal for a Danish multinational in the telecommunications sector. The involvement of Navius led to the approval of the project by the Board of Directors and the immediate alignment of the allocated budgets with the recommendations of the business plan.

- Insurances
For one of the top international brokers, a detailed strategy road map was defined. Desintermediation, changing attitudes of international companies and a soft market seriously impacted results of the company. The new strategy should enhance focus and strengthen the competitive position of the company in its core business.

- Toys
Navius contributed, for a new venture of a Scandinavian toys multinational, to estimating the international market potential and drawing up a business plan for a new concept. The involvement of Navius led to the project being approved and the extension of the organisation according to the recommendations of the plan.

- Telecom
Navius helped a Belgian telecommunications company with the strategic diagnosis of the strengths and weaknesses of a service provider within its portfolio and subsequently in drawing up the business plan. In a difficult market the company has proven that it is able to continually achieve or exceed the most important criteria of the business plan.

- Industry
Various strategic options were mapped out and worked out in detail on behalf of the shareholders of a producer of packaging materials that had got into difficulties. The recommendations led to the division of company activities and the sale of one of these activities to another player in the sector.